Taking Advantage of the Web-Age

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Taking Advantage of the Web-Age

Coming from a working-class background, Alfiya hails from Kollam district near Trivandrum. The trait that makes Alfiya stand out has been her zeal for learning. This is apparent in her academic pursuits wherein she did not let her humble background and gender stop her from going after her interests. 

In school, Alfiya had a keen interest in the sciences- especially Biology- which led her to complete her undergraduate studies in Botany. Her foray into the sciences led her to be exposed to technology, which attracted her interest. Web-designing, curiosity to know about newer technology and learning about the software that runs in the world drove her to pursue COPA, followed by distance learning program in Bachelor of Computer Application and subsequently her enrolment in the IBM Advanced Diploma Program in IT, Networking and Cloud Computing.

The key standouts like the on-the-job training, the brand IBM and the placement opportunities appealed her to pursue the IBM Advanced Diploma program at NSTI Trivandrum as it meets her aspirations of getting into the IT industry, championing the new technologies and in future become a trainer to help others in their learning. 

Her journey so far with the diploma program and the SkillsBuild platform has been inspiring. Suspension of classes owing to pandemic did not let her stop from continuing her learning, she has leveraged SkillsBuild to learn effectively and complete 120+ number of courses across different specialties such as Cloud computing, Cybersecurity and Communication Skills. The fact that SkillsBuild offers content in short videos which are user friendly, large coverage of IT technology and professional skills, self-paced learning opportunity coupled with the free access to portal, have suited her interests immensely compared to other available e-learning platforms. She believes if such courses are made available to other ITI students it will give them overview of different technologies prevalent in industry, identify their interest area and help them in deciding to pursue higher studies in relevant areas.

Alfiya is an individual who gets excited by the aspect of getting an opportunity to learn that will help her to move closer to her dream of becoming an IT professional.  It is this which has driven her to make use of the SkillsBuild platform to the fullest in these times when face-to-face learning is not possible. She is keen on exploring more courses on SkillsBuild which offers a deep dive into the technology domains to widen to her knowledge base. 

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