Supporting Street Hawkers with Technology!

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Supporting Street Hawkers with Technology!

In our daily life, we know so many street hawkers who are working hard for their daily needs. In this pandemic situation, they are struggling to sell their products in the locality. Our team, Quaranteam, decided to do something about this situation.

The first step was to find out the problem statement, how can we increase the sales of street hawkers by 30% to meet their basic needs during this pandemic situation. After identifying some propositions, we decided to go ahead with the best possible solution for the hawker’s problems. Our website,, would act as a bridge between the customers and the suppliers, the street hawkers. The following is the 3 step process we designed:

  • Customers visit the website, to select required items –>Vegetables or Fruits (website designed, a mobile-based application)
  • Add address using Google Map
  • Delivery to be done to the end-user after collecting the products from the hawkers by the Quaranteam.
The product development process

In our surroundings, we see so many street hawkers working hard for a better life for their family and themselves, that too during this pandemic situation. Many customers are missing out on getting the product from these daily wage earners just because of lack of communication, or they are scared to come out of their house.

The journey of the solution rose to make ends meet for the daily wages, street hawkers, and to provide fresh produce to the customers, to enable our everyday life itself.ย 

After the identification of the problem, we had traveled through different stages like empathy mapping to help find the typical user of our problem statement. As a team, we made team-building for observation and to understand the problem readouts and design thinking. At last, we had solved an idea we had reached to MVP and created a wireframe and prototype.

The Skill Build Innovation Camp was a wonderful experience that elevated my thinking capacity directed it to a clear path. It made my reasoning more innovative and helped me understand how we can precisely solve problems with confidence and prove that it does not take power to win, but hard work and the true hearts of the team.

This experience is a chapter of my life that I will follow, not only in my carrier in my life also. The awareness and mindfulness class teachings are still followed by me as a daily routine in my life to keep my mind fresh and active. The stages taught in the innovation camp guided me to handle any obstacle and solve it by identifying the exact problem and produce a solution. The session also molded my leadership qualities.ย 

I am very thankful to IBM – India, SKILLSBUILD, and EDUNET for making me a part of this event.

Following is a summary of Quaranteam and their journey!


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