Smart Farming: Digital Kiosk Center by Power Rangers

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Smart Farming: Digital Kiosk Center by Power Rangers

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India’s population. Indian farmers are mostly small or marginal, wherein 85% of them own less than one hectare of land.  

While agriculture’s share in India’s economy has progressively declined to less than 18%. The agriculture sector’s importance in the Indian economy and social fabric cannot be downplayed as nearly three-quarters of Indian families depend on rural incomes. 

India’s food security depends on producing cereal crops, increasing its production of fruits, vegetables, and milk to meet the demands of a growing population with rising incomes. To do so, a fruitful, contentious, diversified, and sustainable agricultural sector will need to emerge at an accelerated pace.

Understanding these challenges faced by the populace, team Power Rangers decided to find the answer to, “How to help farmers with a small piece of land to increase their profitability with high production?”.

Proposed Solution


Project process

  • First, a Smart Farming Digital Kiosk Center (SFD kiosk center) will be set up in each gram panchayat​.
  • Smart Agriculture Expert connectivity via webinar video conference in regional language.​
  • Presentation by agricultural instructors and farming experts telecasted live or via offline training videos.​
  •  Event Policy Group System (EPGS) will be partaking in this by visiting the smart-farmer.​
  • Supporting digital documentation for B2C and B2G​ (E-Governance Services, Banking, and Insurance, Government​ Planning Policy by Citizen Service Center)​
  •  To assist farmers with industry requirements and establishing processes for them.
  • Creating ancillary routes for import of harvesting machinery for rental.​
  • Creating ancillary routes for product exports.​
  • Through training and knowledge, farmers are expected to increase their profits and productivity.​
  • Strengthening basic services such as storage capacity for village concept project.​
  • Consequently, SFD Kiosk Center will aid in negotiating with buyers for better crop prices.​
  • The exploitation of common resources like water.​
  • Collaborate and acquire knowledge for better yielding crops.​

The main objective of the SFD Kiosk Center is to help the farming communities. Such that a skillful farmer and skill-less farmer will be connected to the SFD Kiosk Center that will be administered by the IT Centers and the developers’ team with modern technology.​

The inspiration

Agriculture is a primary source of economic development. Through this initiative, we want to make people aware of the grievance faced by the farmers. We, as a team, aspire to inspire people to help farmers as much as possible. 

The journey was very extensive and innate. Our collaborative experience was excellent as we all exchanged our thoughts, and we all learned something from each other, and a lot from our IBM mentors and Edunet Foundation trainers. 

Through this IBM innovation camp, we understood the significance of time management, teamwork, leadership, and unity. 


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