Rule Keepers to the rescue | A Student initiative

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Rule Keepers to the rescue | A Student initiative

The imposition of lockdown brings massive lifestyle change among the people, and the police struggle to find out ways of implementing such changes. 

To restrict the spread of the virus across the country police have taken steps to enforce lockdown properly from the first day of the lockdown since 24th March 2020. The imposition of lockdown becomes difficult because of the closely connected community life, street culture, the climatic adjustments to a hot and humid climate. Access to open spaces becomes a necessity, and the panic of closing off essential services shop leads to masses on streets despite the stay-at-home orders.

This situation led the police department to confront huge numbers of individuals ignoring the social distancing norms.

Brief about the project 

Understanding the challenges that the police department will be facing, team Rule Keepers decided to help the police force effectively track social gatherings in this pandemic situation to ensure social distance norms.

Proposed solution

24/7 remote surveillance plus public announcement system controlled by an application.

Project process

1. Understanding the User

2. Identifying the user need

3. Brainstorming Idea

4. Prioritize Ideas

5. Choose one Idea

6. Wireframe/Prototyping

The inspiration

Since the Covid-19 outbreak was the most serious issue at that time, team Rule Keepers were daily hearing news regarding the struggles faced by Police personnel. So, the team decided to address the problem, How to design a solution that will help them cope with the pandemic?

Many people were consulted regarding the issues faced by the Kerala Police during the covid-19 pandemic and thus the team came to know that they are facing many issues due to the violation of social distancing norms by the public, lack of staff and facilities was making it further difficult.

Student journey and experience 

With the help of social media platforms and other contacts, the team was able to gather information regarding the issue. Data was collected from friends and relatives of Police Officers since directly contacting them was nearly impossible. The primary issue faced by them was the inability to reach every social gathering and handle the situations. People were continuously violating the rules, and Police Officers were almost helpless in those situations. 

After much deliberations, the team came up with something that can be easily made available and user friendly. 

What skills have the students newly learned from the innovation camp?

The main advantage of participating in the IBM SkillsBuild Innovation Camp is being introduced to innovative thinking. It helped us to nurture our curiosity, and everything seems like an opportunity nowadays.

We got familiarized with Mural, a collaborative tool to understand our users and to come up with different ideas that also resulted in a very feasible solution.

Leadership skills and teamwork were taught to us and, it was a great experience to be able to consult with IBM Coaches and other well-established personalities. 

Future takes

Innovation is the topmost skill employers are now searching for in their employees. So being able to work in a team and design solutions for a very relevant problem really will help in getting new opportunities. Since we were the second winning team in the IBM Innovation Camp, it will be a great advantage while we enter the professional world.

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