Restoring Livelihood of Families an initiative by team Life Savers

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Restoring Livelihood of Families an initiative by team Life Savers

In March 2020, our Government declared a nationwide lockdown as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indian migrant workers during these testing times have faced multiple hardships. With factories and workplaces shut down millions of workers were forced to deal with the loss of income, food shortages, and uncertainty about their future.

Moved by the plight of the migrant laborers, team LIFE SAVERS decided to help and find alternative jobs or provide other assistance in the form of food, medicine, transportation, even minimum rent accommodations for those who may have lost their primary employment.

Deepak Kumar Singh says, “When I saw several migrant workers in pain and struggling to support their family, I and the other team members were inspired to offer them some help.”

Brief about the project process:

We were able to find various problems being faced by these laborers, meticulously. We went door to door and understood some of the major challenges that they were facing were lack of food, lack of shelters, lack of medical kits, unemployment, etc.

  1. List all challenges that need to be addressed
  2. Discuss and finalize solvable problem
  3. Deliberate solutions
  4. Chart activities to collect funds
  5. Explore small-scale companies & identify available job profiles
  6. Find out reasonable & available accommodations

Watch the video to know more:


As a result of our efforts, the following is the website that we made for the migrant workers.

LIFE SAVERS Website Link


Students’ journey and experience

Our journey was illuminating, exciting, and also very knowledgeable.

Through the IBM Innovation camp, we had learned the importance of good communication skills, working as a team, finding problems, and solving them, interacting with the people.

We thank everybody who made this innovation camp experience possible for us. We all have learned so many things and developed so many new and valuable skills that we believe will be a great assist in our careers.


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