PathFinders: A student initiative

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PathFinders: A student initiative

Technology creates powerful business opportunities but, keeping up with the pace of technological advancement is a challenge for the employable population. Also, it causes skill gaps, particularly in the industries where the demand for skilled workers is very high, namely the IT industry.

It is essential to combat this skill gap by upskilling via training and developing employable skill sets, creating a significant competitive advantage in this increasingly technology-driven world.

Building on the industry requirement, Edunet Foundation has been providing industry-grade training and education for years. One such initiative is the IBM Innovation Camp with the students from Advance Diploma in IT, Networking, and Cloud Computing that brought in wonderous talents to the limelight.

Team PathFinders created an app that is powered by AI technology to empower the unskilled youth in rural areas to find out the skill sets required for jobs in the IT industry.

Purpose of the project:

The team had personally encountered many people around them generally facing issues toward getting jobs without having proper skills.

The chatbot is equipped with facilitating skills nexus that will help them and is very user friendly.

The Project PathFinders

  • The team used AI to aggregate information from several data sources such as employers recruiters, government to make it easier for people to find in-demand skills for IT jobs, particularly in rural areas.
  • PathFinder will have a conversational chatbot interface that students will find simple to use.
  • Social messaging apps integration.

Their journey and experiences of the team:

“It was a good experience for us on working as a team. We could communicate and interact with different mentors. As part of our project, we could talk with people who are facing issues in their careers without having proper skill sets. Conducted surveys with unemployed youth to understand their challenges. Interviewed employed youth to find out what made them successful in gaining employment, at last, we brainstormed all ideas and came up with our AI-based chatbot to provide unskilled people a central source of information to find out more about skills required.”

The mentors from IBM and Edunet were delighted to assist the team members to learn wireframing, design thinking, how to develop and design an MVP, creating pitch notes in the form of videos and presentations.

Edunet Foundation has been implementing several upskilling programs along with IBM and DGT (Directorate General of Training), for the teaching and student community alike, and we look forward to doing more in the future.

We hope that this experience has enriched their problem-solving skills and got prowess in team project works.

For a detailed version of PathFinders project, click the video below.

Technology innovation and social enterprise are essential to India’s glorious future. Edunet Foundation, through its experiential education programs, is enabling Indian students to realize their full potential.



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