Integrated Hostel Management System: A student initiative

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Integrated Hostel Management System: A student initiative

A hostel is a place where students learn about friendship and fellowship. They get introduced to the importance of discipline, which helps develop a sense of responsibility in everyone.

But managing several students at the same time and meeting all their requirements can be challenging.

Our team wanted to help hostel managers promptly resolve hostel-related issues so that they can ensure seamless operations and keep everyone comfortable.

After deliberating on the issue at hand, we found a solution. Creating a website/portal for the Hostel Management System is very beneficial for the hostel owners. An easy to use aid with the following services available,

Hostel Management System (HMS) features:
  • Login system
  • View room details
  • Book hostel
  • Student registration
  • Manage students
  • Employee management
  • Billing
  • User management
  • Room management
  • Meal management
  • Vendor management
  • Cost management
  • Student management
  • Vendor management
  • Notice board
  • Attendance
Project Details

We did this project to develop a system to help maintain records and publicize hostels. Our software will help the hostel officer to manage the affairs of the hostel at the same time, manage information about all hostelers. It will show the availability of rooms or not and the people boarding in those rooms. The system will also have a separate accounting section that will present information on each student. Included is a user module for employees or the hostel officer. There will also be an administrator module accessible by the administrator to manage employee records.

The journey

Our journey was difficult as we commenced working from the ground up and addressed the challenges faced by various hostel owners. Our challenge was to improve their situation by combining it with new technology. We worked hard and finally thought of many approaches to solving all the major problems and created a website that could eliminate them, a good program at a low cost and low maintenance.

The IBM Innovation camp was a great experience for all of us, as we learned various skills like meditation, working with a team, got over our stage fear, and the best part, critical thinking. Each day was like an adventure, learning new skills each day, building a culture and innovative mindset, design thinking, finding a solution to problems, and find maps. The most interesting topic was that stakeholder mapping, and how to use mural activity personally and with a group.

This experience will help us a lot in the career ahead. We have learned several things that can genuinely be implemented in our own business and an IT career. Our whole team is happy to be a part of an innovative initiative, now we think thousands of ideas in our mind and have the confidence to execute them.

If we continued to implement the skills that we have learned in this innovation camp, we believe we can help other businesses in our localities to,

  • increase productivity
  • make them earn more
  • introduce them to new technologies
  • make them knowledgeable about opportunities
Through this innovation, we have learned about many technical skills and professional skills
  • we have learned to work with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL.
  • we learn how to communicate with others, manage stress, creative thinking, better understanding
Team Members

Ch. Sainath, Ankita Shukla and Sandeep Das

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