HireHeros | An initiative to help differently abled individuals

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HireHeros | An initiative to help differently abled individuals

We often sympathize with physically and mentally challenged people. It is important to remember that these children require, more than sympathy, our empathy. Because of this lack of empathy, many specially-abled people are unable to secure employment. Team Human Tech wanted to solve this issue, but how?


Brief about the project process

Team Human Tech developed an application, HireHeroes, as their solution. The first step for them was to collaborate with government ITIs and polytechnics to integrate their app.


How does the app work?


A user registers on the app when applying to colleges.


Credentials Import:

After registration, the user will have to import their credentials.


Usage of the app:

The app, post this, must be used frequently through the college course. This is so the app can analyze the student’s performance.


The app then helps users find employment by using its various features:

SWOT Analysis:

The Hire Heroes app has a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) feature. Individuals can use this feature to analyze their top 3 weaknesses and top 3 strengths. With this, the students are enabled to work on their weaknesses and reinforce their strengths.


The SWOT analysis may be conducted in two modes: Soft Skills and Technical Skills.


AI Chatbot:

Users may ask the AI Chatbot any questions they may have regarding the process.


Automated Resume Builder:

The automated resume builder creates a resume on its own with data inputs from the user.


Integrated Job Search: 

Students can search for jobs for their relevant expertise and skills with this feature.


What was it like working on the project? 

We interviewed the team, and this was their response:


We chose to work on this issue because we were moved by the challenges faced by specially-abled people. Like anyone else, they work to improve their livelihood, and despite having as much creativity and talent, find fewer opportunities to do so. We aspire to run an NGO which could enable specially-abled people to get a proper education and training for their dream job, and this app is a perfect first step to achieve it.


We learned how to ideate and execute our ideas at the IBM Innovation Camp. The camp was an exciting experience. We were able to learn from and meet different people from all over the world. We explored topics like design thinking and problem-solving. We all learned how to work in a team, and how to present ourselves in remote meetings.


We thank the IBM Team, the Edunet Foundation team, and our mentors for this wonderful journey.


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