Educator taking steps to self-educate

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Educator taking steps to self-educate

The excitement in Prof. Singh’s voice could be easily sensed as he spoke about the invisible role of Artificial Intelligence inaccurately suggesting relevant products while browsing Amazon’s website. Such everyday brushes with technology make his curiosity peak and he often spends his time reading up about upcoming technology. Currently posted in Government ITI Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh in Electrician trade, Prof. Singh is a B. Tech graduate in Electrical Engineering and has been a teacher for little more than 3.5 years. 

Participating in the two-day Train-The-Trainer Program on Basic Artificial Intelligence Skills at NSTI Noida, helped him to get a basic understanding of how an AI-enabled machine can work like a human, its uses, and its limitations. The training was followed by online learning on SkillsBuild to get a deeper knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. 

Prof. Singh’s activeness on the SkillsBuild portal is evident from the fact he has completed 53 courses in the last one month, with him spending 2-3 hours every day on SkillsBuild. While most of his courses he has completed are related to Artificial Intelligence, he has also completed courses related to cybersecurity, communication skills, etc. Earning badges in courses like cybersecurity etc. has been a great motivation for him to continue the learning.

The ease of use of SkillsBuild for online learning along with certification has motivated him to share the platform with students when he will conduct the classes for his students. He is also looking to share the platform amongst his peers for upskilling themselves. Prof. Singh aspires to gain enough knowledge to create an AI-enabled application for his students wherein the students can explore and find resources of their Electrician trade quickly based on their interest and learn efficiently. He also recommends adding a comprehensive course related to Women Safety at Workplace to orient a large section of the audience towards the subject.

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