Education for Underprivileged Children | A project by, Study Wars

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Education for Underprivileged Children | A project by, Study Wars

There are 472 million children in India under 18 years, which constitutes 39% of the total population.

According to the latest Indian census, 203,616,038 children are attending educational institutions. However, a whopping number of 208,324,939 children are not receiving education via established institutions.

We chose this topic as Study Wars felt it is a significant problem that Indians face and needs addressing.  In this time and age, where the importance of education is emphasized, it is disheartening to know many children who want to study are dropping out. One of the prime reasons we had unveiled was pressure from parents or guardians towards kids to bring money into the household, not acceptable. Also, government schools are shutting down because of a lack of attendance.


Brief about the project process:

1. We first decided what our problem statement would be,

‘How do we stop child labor in migrant workers?’

2. We came up with serval points regarding how we can stop child labor.

3. We combined all small points and made fewer points so we can get our vision clear,

‘How many Indian children are not attending educational institutions? What is the total enrollment in Indian elementary schools? How many Indian children are not attending educational institutions?’

4. As a team, we conducted an online survey for teachers and parents.

5. We took their opinion so that we understand how we are working on a solution.

6. Then we made an Empathy Map,

Addressing: Persona of Underprivileged Children | His/her About | Basic Needs | Solution | Goal

Findings: 65% believes the dropouts happen in the early days (1-5yrs age grp)

7. We created WOW – Raise Awareness among Parents, to improve access to education for all.

8. And we came up with multiple solutions regarding how we can stop child labor.




Student’s journey and experience

Sathvik Malligemadu

The journey taught us when we come by challenges, it is always possible to dig deep and find answers. We also learned a lot regarding how to come up with viable and employable solutions.

Puja Samanta

It was an exciting and knowledgeable journey for me. I learned from the IBM innovation camp, how to present a presentation properly, teamwork, communication skills. It is indisputable that this experience will help me in my career.


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