All-Star: The journey of Gopal from retailing to e-tailing

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All-Star: The journey of Gopal from retailing to e-tailing

Technology innovation and social enterprise are essential to India’s glorious future. Edunet Foundation, through its experiential education programs, is enabling Indian students to realize their full potential by promoting STEM education, technical innovation, and entrepreneurship.

One such initiative is the IBM Innovation Camp with the students from Advance Diploma in IT, Networking, and Cloud Computing that brought in wonderous talents to the limelight.

Team AllStar created an app that is powered by the latest technology, to empower small local General stores are facing the problem of low sales due to big brands’ ​e-retail intervention​.

Purpose of the project:

The team had personally encountered many people around them generally facing issues toward retail going e-retail. 

The AllStar project profiling

  • The team selected a Mr. Gopal, who fit the general retailer profile 
  • Gopal ran a neighborhood general store for his income and also wants to grow his business profitable but don’t have enough resources. 
  • He is new to adopt technology but he has experience in his business. 
  • He wants to retain and find new customers to grow his business​

Onboarding process of the project

  • Visit Gopal’s Store & ​Sign up​
  • Onboard him to ​existing e-commerce platforms​
  • Create own ​e-commerce ​website as well​
  • Online and offline advertising ​
  • Business ​loan ​support​

Their journey and experiences of the team:

“There are a lot of small traders in our society suffering due to the e-retail invention, by helping them to increase their profit has paved the way for us to get new opportunities.

We understood that it’s easier to find a solution to a problem within a group than finding a solution alone. We were able to work with people with different thoughts, it was a great experience.

Also, we learned how to find solutions for complicated problems and how to be in a group through the camp and helped increase my confidence and abilities.”

Edunet Foundation has been implementing several upskilling programs along with IBM and DGT (Directorate General of Training), for the teaching and student community alike, and we look forward to doing more in the future.

We hope that this experience has enriched their problem-solving skills and got prowess in team project works.

A visual presentation of Gopal’s experience from the AllStar team is given below, click the video link to view the same.

Edunet Foundation, through its education programs, is enabling Indian students to realize their full potential.

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